Teen Coaching

Unlocking teenage potential in the pivotal years

  • Gain clear insights to smoothly navigate the ups and downs of teenagehood.
  • Equip your teen with strategies to thrive and excel during these crucial years.
  • Foster a resilient mindset to confidently face challenges and bounce back stronger.
  • Learn effective coping techniques to manage and mitigate stress, ensuring well-being.


"Thank you for being the MAGICIAN to my boy, dealing with his challenges. You have helped him so much, no words can describe my THANKS to you..." - P. Kuan

Featured and Worked with...

helping children for the last 9 years...

helping children for the last 9 years...

Chua Sze Siong

MindfulBear Founder & Chief Therapist

  • Therapeutic intervention specialist for children and teens.
  • Certified MOE counsellor.
  • Certified suicide intervention counsellor.
  • Father to an amazing daughter.

What we do...

  • Pinpoint and structure the aspirations your teen aims to achieve during these transformative years.
  • Craft a strategic plan to help your teen accomplish their set goals and milestones.
  • Dive deep to uncover and address emotional and cognitive hurdles, ensuring a resilient mindset.
  • Equip your teen with personalised coping techniques, fostering long-term well-being and self-assuredness.

Our 4A Counselling Approach

Stage 1: Awareness 

Like shining a light through a dark room, this is where we identify your child’s issues. This helps you understand why your child does what they do. This helps us formulate an action plan designed to help your child move towards long term desirable change. 

Stage 2: Activation

We kick-start the change process with motivational interviewing and replacement technique. We gradually chip away their harden existing belief making room for positive ones. Inducing your child to take their first step of positive change. 

Stage 3: Adjustment

We review and iterate the best approach for your child. The human mind is complex, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. We have a map to get your child to the destination, but base on feedback, it is subjected to change. We iterate, we customise, we find the shortest path to steer your child towards long term change.

Stage 4: Advancement

Success. You can visibly see changes in your child. Now we need to make it long term, permanent and sticky. Here we guide your child to internalise the achievement they had accomplished. We arm them with life skills, teaching them how to deal with lifestyle stressors when they happen so they never go back again.

What to expect on the first visit?

On the first visit, we start the discovery process for your child.

With a few choices questions, we slowly peel away the layers of your child. Uncovering the problems they are facing, the struggles they are silently experiencing. A side that is causing all their social, emotional and or behavioural pains.

This is where we start for every child, AWARENESS of their underlying issues. By the end of the first session, you will get a glimpse of why your child do what they do.

What others say...

Many parents had walked through our doors feeling happy about their child's progress. Kids had walked through our doors feeling better, well behaved, motivated, happier and active for the life ahead of them.  

Mabel Wee
Mabel Wee
04:58 18 May 24
The time for 1st session is appropriate for both parents and child. Janet is able to give advise to parents and let us know what is happening to the child mind. My child is comfortable with her and able to share her thoughts easily
Evelyn Ang
Evelyn Ang
06:50 13 Apr 24
Mindful Bear has been very helpful. From making my first appointment to making sure I get the most suitable counsellor for my daughter. The sessions with Adelyn were always fruitful and meaningful. My daughter's behaviour and emotional issues have improved greatly. Adelyn managed to resolve most of the issues under the tip of the iceberg. Mindful bear is highly recommended.
Jeanie Tham
Jeanie Tham
09:28 12 Mar 24
Teacher Fei was able to connect with my daughter instantly and my daughter looks forward to every week's session with him. My daughter always tells me that she shares many secrets with Teacher Fei which she does not share with us, thus clearly a very strong connection and safe environment was created for her. I have seen improvements in my daughter's bursts of anger after the sessions with Teacher Fei.
Daya Muslim
Daya Muslim
05:34 01 Feb 24
Counsellor Sharon managed to break the ice with my son on the very 1st visit and now he cannot wait to go for the next session!
Ava Tay
Ava Tay
08:17 26 Jan 24
I am genuinely impressed with the dedication exhibited by Counsellor Chua throughout the three counseling sessions my teenage child and I attended. His ability to connect with my teenager and encourage open communication on various aspects of life is truly commendable.Counsellor Chua brings a wealth of experience to the table, showcasing a profound understanding of the unique challenges that teenagers face in today's complex world. What sets him apart is his prompt sharing of valuable insights derived from his conversations with my child. This not only reflects his competence but also highlights his genuine concern for both the adolescent and the parent.One aspect that stands out is Counsellor Chua's generosity with time. He ensures that all my concerns are thoroughly addressed before concluding each session, creating a supportive and enriching environment. Moreover, his proactive approach in reaching out to my child's school and collaborating with teachers underscores his commitment to fostering positive experiences that can motivate and guide my teenager.Counsellor Chua goes beyond conventional counseling by providing practical suggestions and words of encouragement, demonstrating a sincere investment in the overall well-being of both the adolescent and the parent. This holistic approach is not only reassuring but also lays the groundwork for a productive and trusting therapeutic relationship.I wholeheartedly recommend Counsellor Chua to any parent seeking professional counseling for their teenager. Counsellor Chua's unwavering dedication and expertise make him a valuable resource in navigating the complexities of adolescence, and I am thankful to have found such a supportive ally in this journey.
Suleen Whaung
Suleen Whaung
01:42 15 Jan 24
Mr Chua is professional and fantastic. He was able to identify the issue, and offered comprehensive tips for us. Mr Chua also provides report to school to further support my son. My son looks forward to the sessions and opens up to Mr Chua easily. Blessed to have found Mindful Bear. Definitely recommend.
Lim Karen
Lim Karen
11:44 10 Jan 24
Convenient to find. Personal and many rooms for consult. Adelyn is patient and able to share program in detail with me
Shahadah Mohamed
Shahadah Mohamed
01:04 25 Dec 23
Joey is friendly and communicates well with children. Creative too! Thank you Joey.
vikneswari selathorai
vikneswari selathorai
10:33 18 Dec 23
Good and friendly service . My son feels safe and happy after the 1st session with Mr Gavin. Thank you.
Yvonne Pinches
Yvonne Pinches
08:43 08 Dec 23
Miss Sandy is fantastic with providing the right guidance and advice that we need for ourselves and for our child. We really appreciate it !
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How much does it cost and for how long?

All 1st session is 90 minutes long. Your child will run through a series of test to screen for common issues. By the end of the first session, you will get a glimpse of why your child do what they do. 

Weekdays (Mon - Fri): $288
Weekends (Sat - Sun): $333

All subsequent sessions are 60 minutes long. 

Weekdays (Mon - Fri): $160
Weekends (Sat - Sun): $185

Sessions with Mr Chua, Chief Therapist, is $220 weekdays and $245 weekends.

Rest assured. All our therapist has years of therapy experience. They are also vetted and trained with our 4A Counselling Approach. 

How do I know if my child needs counselling help?

Most parents seek help because they feel stuck. Stuck in rectifying their child's disruptive behaviour.

They have tried multiple ways to steer their child in the right direction, but nothing seems to work. 

The parenting journey is an interesting one. If you have tried everything already, why not give this a chance too? Multiple parents had walked through our doors, seeing positive change in their child’s academic, emotion and behavioural wellbeing. 

How can a counsellor benefit my child?

The parent-child relationship is attached with our own bias and belief. Influenced by our past experience on thorny subjects such as internet addiction, lack of motivation to study or anger issues. This personal bias and belief are unfavourable for effective communication to happen; a prerequisite for effective change.

Done in a safe environment, without any bias or judgement. The counsellor is trained to listen, pick up concerns, assess and guide your child through a process of change to help resolve his/her issues and problems.

At MindfulBear, we guide each child through our proven 4A method for effective change.

Will my child incur a medical record when they attend a session?

No. This is a common misconception. No medical record will be made on your child.

In fact, nobody will know if your child comes for counselling. A professional code of ethics guides our counsellors in matters of privacy and confidentiality.

Any information gained in counselling sessions will not be disclosed outside our centre unless you, give us written permission to do so, the counsellor determines that your child is in immediate danger, or the counsellor is ordered by a court of law to do so.  

What is the easiest way to get my child to come down?

Children often think they are going to therapy because they are bad.

It is important to approach your child so he/she does not feel stigmatise or responsible for any dysfunction in the family. Your approach should be one of collaboration, on how both of you can work together to solve the current issue. Therapy is just a way to solve this issue.

You can say something like, “You know how hard it is to [the issue you are facing]? Mummy/Daddy need more ideas on how to help you, so we met someone who helps children and families, and we think you'll really like them too. Plus, these visits are special because you can talk about anything! Even us and it stays private.” You can also suggest a trial session, if he/she does not like it, they could stop anytime.

Remember, how you say is more important than what you say. Your approach should be one of collaboration.

Can I just come alone without my child?

Yes you can.

The therapist will be able to indirectly help your child through you for the moment.

Some parents want to “check out” what a counselling session involved before bring their child down. They may have a couple of questions to ask the therapist privately before committing.

Other parents may have difficulty bringing their child down. Whatever your reasons may be, it is always a good to take active action, to head down by yourself first.

Ask the therapist any questions you may have regarding your child. When your child is ready, you could always bring your child down later.

What can I expect on my first visit?

On the first appointment, here’s what you can expect:

First, you will have a private conversation with the therapist to understand your goals for your child. Next, the therapist will speak to your child privately, to understand your child’s goals and motivations. Finally, both you and your child will join the session together.

It is normal to be anxious, so the session is meant to be relaxing. Like a group of close friends having a casual but important conversion.

The first session is for us to identify key issues and the goals for your child.

The therapist will ask you a series of questions. So feel free to be honest. We actively encourage it. Everything you say is private and confidential. We are bound by a code of professional ethics.

At the end of the first session, the therapist will advise a preliminary action plan and the next step required to reach these goals.

It is important to know that therapy is a process that takes time to reap the full benefit. Give your child the space they need. Let your child work at their own pace.

How often do I need to go for counselling?

When it comes to matters of the mind and heart, there is no one size fit all treatments.

The frequency and numbers of session your child needs depend on you, your child, the counsellor's assessment and your concerns. On your first meeting, you, your child and the counsellor will discuss your goals for counselling and the number of sessions needed to achieve these goals.

It is important to keep in mind that counselling is a therapeutic process that takes time to reap full benefits. We do not limit the number of counselling session that your child can assess too.

Is your centre for everyone?

No. We only specialise in providing psychological help to children and teens between 5 to 16 years old.

Where are you located?

You can find us in two locations.

MindfulBear @ CTHub
2 Kallang Avenue #11-17 Singapore 339407

MindfulBear @ Parkway Centre
1 Marine Parade Central #11-01 Singapore 449408

Can I just walk in?

All sessions are by appointment only. You are highly encouraged to book early to secure a session.

Walk-ins will not be entertained to be fair for everyone.

I still have questions...

No problem...we are here to help.

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We can help your child break free from Attention Issues and ADHD

Let us be a part of your parenting journey...

*NOTE: Please book early to secure a session. Thank you!

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